Instant Line Smoother Anti-Aging Serum 19ml

(93 customer reviews)


GENIE Instant Line Smoother is a clear cosmetic that instantly smoothes away the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, bags and puffiness. Your skin will look younger, smoother and firmer within minutes and lasts for hours.

GENIE Instant Line Smoother can be used on the bags and wrinkles around your eyes, mouth, forehead, lips, neck and décolleté – anywhere you want to look younger and smoother.

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  • Smoothes away the look of fine lines, wrinkles, bags and puffiness in minutes.*
  • GENIE Instant line smoother goes on clear – dries clear.
  • INSTANT – it doesn’t take 2 months, 2 weeks or 2 days to see results – just 2 minutes.*
  • Lasts all day until you wash it off.
  • Perfect to erase the look of acne scarring, pitting and other imperfections.
  • Can be used from your hairline to your bust line – on the bags and wrinkles around your eyes, mouth, forehead, lips, neck and décolleté – anywhere you want to look younger and smoother.
  • Gives you beautiful younger-looking skin.
  • Works with any skincare regimen or makeup you currently use.
  • Can be mixed into your liquid foundation.
  • No Fragrance, No Silicone, No Oil, No Color.


  • Collagen – excellent at binding water to your skin to hold it’s natural hydration which keep the skin looking soft and plump. It is also film can hold many times its own weight in water so it protects the skin from moisture loss.
  • Aloe Vera – contains cooling properties for instant anti-inflammatory response and calms irritated skin. Also works as an incredible moisturizing agent.
  • Silk Proteins – helps bind water to the skin.
  • Cucumber Extract – cooling botanical provides soothing, revitalizing anti-inflammatory actions as well as being perfect for revitalizing and hydrating your skin.
  • Vitamins A, C & E – this classic triad of antioxidants helps reduce free radicals.
  • Hypoallergenic, Dermatologist Tested, Fragrance-Free




Where can I use GENIE Instant Line Smoother?

GENIE Instant Line Smoother can be used from your hairline to your bustline; anywhere you want younger smoother looking skin. Genie is great for bags and puffiness around the eyes and works wonders on crepey skin from your neck down onto your décolleté.

GENIE doesn’t seem to work for me– what am I doing wrong?

It may be a skin care item you are using is not absorbing fully into your skin. You need to make sure your moisturizer is fully absorbed (where you can’t see any “shine” sitting on your skin) before applying GENIE. Also make sure NOT to rub in GENIE. You need to apply it to your face but leave it “wet” looking. This will give you the best result.

How long does GENIE Last?

One application of GENIE will last all day until you wash it off.

Can I use GENIE with Make-up?

GENIE Instant Line Smoother can be used under your normal make-up. We also recommend you mix GENIE with your foundation or try GENIE Line-Smoothing Foundation.

What if GENIE turns white after applied?

GENIE has a built in indicator that lets you know if you have applied too much product. If the GENIE you have applied turns white, you have applied too much. Use a small amount of moisturizing gel or lotion to blend away the whiteness without losing your smooth new look.

“My face feels tight…”

Some people may feel a slight tightening as the GENIE dries. This is perfectly normal and lets you know that the product is working. This feeling should subside after the product has fully dried.

Clinical Studies

Using Clinical Instrumentation Testing:

In an independent consumer study after a SINGLE application Clinical Support of Statements:

Within 2 MINUTES:

• 90% Saw reduced appearance of under eye puffiness.

• 90% Saw skin that felt softer & smoother.

• 81% Saw a reduction in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles & crows feet.

Within 4 WEEKS:

• 97% Saw reduced appearance of under eye puffiness.

• 94% Saw skin that felt softer & smoother.

• 87% Saw a reduction in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles & crows feet.

Clinical Support of Statements



  1. Allow your skin care products (ie. moisturizer particularly) to COMPLETELY absorb. This means you should not be able to “see” any moisturizer sitting on top of your skin.
  2. Then apply two pumps of GENIE into your hand and apply all over your face including your eyelids and down your neck onto your decollete. DO NOT RUB THE PRODUCT IN. This may feel a little odd at first but just let it absorb into your skin.  It should look “wet” when you first apply it.
  3. It should be dry in about 2-3 minutes.  Then apply your make up as usual.
  4. If you want a greater smoothing effect or need more smoothing in a particular area (ie. under your eyes, etc.) go back and apply an additional layer in that area. Remember to let the product completely dry before applying more product.

GENIE has a built-in indicator, if you see a white residue or “halo”, it means you have applied too much. Simply blend away with a small amount of moisturizing gel or lotion. Next time, use less product.  You may also feel a  firming effect as GENIE smoothes your skin and diminishes the appearance of wrinkles. This is normal and indicates that the product is working. It should relax after it has completely dried.

93 reviews for Instant Line Smoother Anti-Aging Serum 19ml

  1. Rosita Jackson

    As an older female, I am enjoying the benefits of using the Genie Instant Line Smoother on my face and neck. The product has a milky, slippery texture that goes on smooth on your skin. I feel it actually penetrating my skin and working right away. It also feels cool and soothing on my face and neck. I also like that it is dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, and fragrance free.

  2. CJsixteen

    I’ve only been using this for a short period of time so I haven’t seen some of the results that people have that have been using it for years. So far so good though. I’m almost 50 so the bags and lines under and next to my eyes are getting bad. Can’t wait to see the results after using it more.

  3. prettyme_70

    I had my doubts about this product but it is a game changer! It took a little while to get the appropriate application amount but I am amazed at the results. The lines went away….especially my deep ones around my mouth. This product will become a staple in my beauty routine. As an added bonus it does not have any odor to it. I like that feature a lot because when used with my other products there is no fragrant combination.

  4. JennyST

    This has got to be the best yet on the market. I can see a huge improvement in just a short time. Very easy to use and put on my face. I love the fact I can mix it with my liquid makeup. I love this product and will be trying other items from Genie Beauty. Keep up the great work Genie!!

  5. Sarah Levis

    Genie Instant Line Smoother really works and it works within a few minutes after applying. It smooths fine lines, wrinkles, under eye bags and puffiness. It is so easy to apply. Use a couple pumps and apply from your hairline to your neckline or to specific target areas. Wherever you want and need. Do not rub it into your skin. Just apply it and let it dry on its own. You can feel your skin firming and within minutes the results are visible. It lasts all day too. Or until you wash it off. It is dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic and fragrance free which make it compatible with all skin types. I used it to reduce my fine lines under my eyes and on my forehead. It works wonderfully and I am very pleased with the results. My husband wanted to try it under his eyes too and couldn’t believe how quickly and effectively it reduced his wrinkles and fine lines. Needless to say we both love Genie Instant Line Smoother.

  6. Ladymarmalade18

    This actually works! I apply it over moisturizer and under my foundation. My fine lines have reduced noticeably! I have sensitive skin and this hasn’t bothered me at all. No fragrance that I’ve noticed. This is a great product and I highly recommend it!

  7. Lola River

    So, I like everyone else, have seen commercials I just couldn’t believe were true. It’s true!!! This product absolutely eliminates your lines and wrinkles in minutes! You can actually watch the flaws disappear before your eyes. I had to try it to believe it and I am amazed!

  8. Sandra_1985

    This Instant Line Smoother works so incredibly well. It’s easy to apply and has such terrific results. The lines on my forehead seemed to disappear when using this. The packaging is so nice, elegant. The product blends into your skin well. Impressive. I like everything about it.

  9. Lynne Talby

    I was super excited to try this Instant Line Smoother since I have this forehead line or “frown wrinkle” that I’m self-conscious about. First let me say their is a learning curve with this product, however once I got the correct amount of product (it only takes a dab) then learned to spread (not rub) it on my skin, a few minutes later I was super happy to see my forehead crevice diminished. Then I applied my BM powder foundation and wow the results were amazing! I’m feeling more confident about my forehead wrinkle especially since COVID has me wearing a mask all the time therefore the focal point seems to be my eyes and forehead.

  10. Missy1995

    Genie Beauty Instant Line Smoother really works. WOW::: Really Impressed. You will see results in about 10 minutes. Smooths lines, wrinkles, and especially puffy eyes along with other imperfections. You do NOT need to use a lot to see the results, about a pea size amount on each area you want to hide. Goes on evenly, and dries quickly, leaving no signs that you have it on. Contains antioxidants A,C,E along with other good ingredients. Experience no irritations. Fragrance Free. Dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic. I was so happy to see my puffy eyes disappear in front of my eyes and the wrinkles in my forehead are gone. The only down fault for me it that it did not last as long as I liked, about 2 hours. But Hey, I would highly recommend Genie Beauty Instant Line Smoother. Its is a keeper.

  11. Annabelle R.

    This product does exactly what it says. It smooths lines and wrinkles on your face and neck. It’s very easy to use, the instructions are very clear. It is easy to remove as well. I wish it was a permanent facial smoother but it’s fantastic for a quick pick me up to look and feel younger. Great product.

  12. bellabella

    My fine lines have slightly disappeared after using this it’s great I apply before my moisturizer and makeup makes my makeup last allday skin looks smooth and soft no heavy build up just use a small amount little goes long way no chemical smell

  13. mysteriousk11

    It takes a couple tries to get it right, but really works. We used it without moisturizer first but it looked a little whitish. Then we tried it again using moisturizer first and a little again after. That seemed to work. Maybe with different skin types it varies. Seems like a really nice product.

  14. ovs321

    I have never used anything like Genie Beauty Instant Line Remover before. I always wished there was something like it! It took me several tries to get it right, but after a bit I figured out the right amount for me to apply and it really does hide lines well. It takes some getting used to, but what price beauty? I don’t use it everyday, only when I want to look really special. I definitely recommend.

  15. Cecece25

    GENIE Beauty Instant Line Smoother actually works. The area that bugs me the most about my face, are the puffy bags under my eyes. No matter how much sleep I am able to get, they still there. I definitely do not like them being there and they seem to be stubborn about staying there. The directions for the line smoother are very easy to follow. You will have to experiment to find the right amount that works for you. I do notice a difference as it is drying and afterwards. I’m keeping this as part of my daily routine.

  16. 4everBeauty

    The Genie Beauty Instant line smoother really works. I used it to smooth out my fine lines on my face and it worked great. My fine lines disappeared. I like how easy it is to use. I also like that it dries fast and doesn’t feel greasy.

  17. Yolanda Thames

    Initially, when I applied the product, it made my face look smoother, making sure to follow directions and not rub the Genie Instant Line Smoother in all the way and let it dry. However, any movement of my face, such as a smile, caused the product to crack and flake. So before I could apply my make up, I had to remove what looked like excess dry skin. I wasn’t too liberal, but still had some issues with it.

  18. LeilaLima

    I received my Genie face lotion and was a little disappointed after several days of use. I followed the instructions as stated and I just don’t get the results I hoped for. I will say I do see some mild differences in the wrinkles on my forehead after use they seem a little diminished but overall nothing Im real excited about and I really dislike the fact that it makes my face feel tight and dry.

  19. ysa santiago

    I recently started using Genie Instant Line Smoother.I have tried several different products for the bags under my eyes without getting the results I desire. This product tightens my skin and minimizes the bags and also makes my pores appear smaller. I still see a little puffiness under my eyes, but overall I would say it works quite well.

  20. Melissa Gibbs

    I recently got this as I am getting older and the amount of wrinkles and creases I have are quickly multiplying. I am very impressed with this product. I love the way it feels on my skin, I like that it doesn’t have a medicine smell like some do. I am very happy with the results I am so seeing far. I would definitely recommend.

  21. Holly Baxter

    I received this and so far I have no complaints. I have been using it every morning. I have puffiness and dark circles. Wrinkles are beginning to appear under my eyes. You don’t have to use alot which is a plus. I applied it under my eyes it is very cool to the touch you can feel it like become tight in the area you put it like if it is trying to smooth over your wrinkles and reduce the puffiness. It isn’t sticky or greasy. Just smooth like if you have nothing on. I have noticed my puffiness has gone done and dark circles are beginning to be less noticable. Wrinkles are beginning to not show as much. I have tried alot of products and this one is very light and goes on smooth without feeling weighed down or greasy which is great. Thank you for the opportunity to try. I will be looking for more of your products.

  22. Kimmy34

    Love the instant line smoother. Bought it over a month ago and can totally see results around my eyes after one week of use. Very affordable and I highly recommend it. Started using it on my neck this week and seeing a difference as well.

  23. Lena Walts

    I received, Genie Instant Line Smoother. It is a proprietary formulation that instantly smoothes away the appearance of fine lines,wrinkles, bags and puffiness. It only takes one pump for both of my eyes. It goes on clear and it dries clear in a minute. It holds all day until I wash it off at night. It took me a bit to find the right amount to apply to each of my eyes and laugh lines. It is an amazing product. Highly recommend.

  24. Pizzmaker2

    I tried Jimmy instant line smoother. This product really works! It is very easy to use. You can use it on your entire face. You apply it under your make up and let it dry. It takes about three minutes for it to dry. It leaves your skin extremely smooth.

  25. mocha101090

    I have been using this for about three days. I love it and can see the difference in the lines and wrinkles in my face and neck. No scent so I’m happy about that. I have allergies. It has a pump dispenser so easy to use. I love this product and will continue to use it.

  26. Theresa Miles

    “This is an amazing product. The first time I tried it, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I applied it according to the instructions, and waited a few minutes. It dries without any sticky or tacky feeling. It just feels smooth to the touch. When I looked in the mirror, I was pleasantly surprised to see an improvement in the appearance of the lines under my eyes and on the corners of my mouth. I was also very happy to see some minor acne scarring looked so much smoother and more even.

    Once I put my makeup on, I could really notice the difference. It looked like I had no flaws. I feel like this is a great product if you want to give yourself a smooth, even canvas for your makeup, or even just on its own.

    Thank you for the opportunity to try this. I highly recommend it.”

  27. PalomaPapa

    I used on my husband and it’s awesome. He has little lines from sun damage ad he is a construction worker. So I smoothed over his face and left eye like it says to do. It like a facelift. Pretty cool.

  28. Liza Jenkins

    “When I got this I had my doubts,! I
    did it wrong the first time,I did not moisturize first and only seen small result and seen white flaking.But when I did it again it worked great not instantly but in a few minutes I seen my fine lines look so much smoother.It worked better on my fiances deeper lines.”

  29. ElizRobert

    “I am in love with the GENIE Beauty Instant Line smoother! It works great at reducing my fine lines and wrinkles by my eyes & lips, and drastically reduces the appearance of bags and puffiness under my eyes!
    It is easy to apply and can be used on your face and neck. It goes on smoothly and you see results fast. It’s best to use after moisturizer, sunscreen or skincare. I highly recommend this product!”

  30. Lucy Leonard

    I can’t say enough good things about this product.I have fine lines next to my eyes and it really helped smooth them out.I looked and felt younger.My friends also noticed.It only took a small amount.It feels so smooth after it dries. Pros:It only takes 2 pumps in your hand for your whole face,eyelids and neck.It is very pleasant to use.It lasts all day until you are ready to wash off.I love this product! Cons:None

  31. girlboss

    I read all the paperwork and instructions that came with the product. This was delivering high claims and easy product application. Putting it on was easy enough, but it didnt deliver the results it was claiming. Maybe I don’t have enough wrinkles, which is a good thing, but i think i do, so i thought this product would help me. It did not.

  32. babyletty01

    I love, love, love, this serum! I’ve tried many “instant results” serums over the years, with little to no effects, but Genie is pure magic! I am overjoyed at the results Genie has achieved in a few short minutes. And because it works so quickly, it’s no extra time out of my schedule. But the best part is how long the results last – up to 10 hours. Phenominal! I love this stuff!

  33. Kenna Gutierrez

    This came very well package. Enjoyed the way it really makes lines disappear. Makes it firmer amd makes your skin even younger. Takes away lines puff ness and even wrinkles that was across my fore head. No one can even tell you have it on its goes on clear and dries clear it also as vitamins that are good for your skin as well. No smells or greasy left on your face. Stays on as long as you want until you wash it off. Used it on my face as well leaves it feeling very soft.

  34. Sheila Short

    After trying this product, I was sold. It really does work! I suffer from typical issues with fine lines, particularly around my mouth, and more recently in the under-eye area. This product works beautifully at decreasing them for a much younger look. I dab a bit of this stuff on the lines with my ring finger gently dabbing the cream into the line until it’s dry. You don’t have to use a lot to get the effect you want. If you use too much it will create a white effect. Genie Instant line smoother is amazing! I recommend this to other women.

  35. Natasha

    My daughter really like how this smoother is we will be getting more of it to use i told family and friends about it they like it to thanks tryit for letting me try this i cant wait to get more from yall

  36. Lynn Thames

    I used the line smoother for a photoshoot recently for our company. I was really impressed! It really did smooth out the line on my face and the photos look great!

  37. DeborahK

    I recently started using the Instant Line Smoother on all of my wrinkles. It has been a miracle worker! I feel like it has erased so many of the irritating lines that make me look so old! My skin is so incredibly smooth again.

  38. Shalie

    This product is amazing!!! I use this product every night and. I can say it works wonders its magic in a bottle. I love how it feels on my skin and how it helped reduce wrinkles on my skin and made my skin so soft. I love how it has no grease feel it to it or smell which makes it so easy to apply to my skin. I love how a small amount goes along way. This is a amazing and truly left my skin looking and feeling so smooth to the touch.

  39. Sasha

    “I’m in my mid 40’s and always sceptic about skin care products because I got sensitive skin. At first, I was hesitant to try it on but I took a leap of faith coz I really wanted to get rid of my eye bags/puffy eyes. I applied a little amount under my eyes and forehead to test if my skin will not get irritated. To my surprise I didn’t get an allergy reaction and it works so well. The puffiness and the wrinkles around my eyes disappeared. I could feel a little tightness around the eye
    area. I am super stoked by its magical result
    and from now on, only Genie Instant Line Smoother touches my face. It makes me feel and look younger. I highly recommend it.”

  40. Erin Garner

    I was excited to try this product for the fine lines I have on my face. I used the product as directed for 2 weeks. I saw no visible results as far as reduction of my fine lines. This product did give my skin a bit of a glow and did not irritate my sensitive skin.

  41. Melanie Q

    I actually really love this serum. It seriously works wonders on my fines lines and eye puffiness. Believe me I’ve tried all different types of products within all price ranges from drug store to high end and haven’t found anything that works quite like the Genie Instant Line Smoother. It takes years off my face especially around my eyes and lips. I have very droopy eyelids and it lifts it up and takes away the puffiness. It makes my eye makeup look amazing. I also have fine lines on my upper lips that drive me crazy and it takes care of that too. If I could give it ten stars I would!! Definitely recommend it!

  42. Nicole Simpson

    After 3 tries I finally got the application right..GENIE Beauty Instant Line Smoother does work for me..Being in my 40’s and having fine lines my face looked a little tired all the time..After applying GENIE Beauty Instant Line Smoother my face looks smoother and refreshed..After my morning routine I applied 2 pumps of Genie in an upward motion and let it dry..Once Genie dried I applied my make-up and was good to go..It lasts all day so no need for touch-ups..GENIE Beauty Instant Line Smoother is my new secret weapon..Love It!!

  43. Laura Mendez

    I have been using this product for a while. I like the consistency on the product. It doesn’t make my skin feel sticky. I haven’t had any problems with the product absorbing into my skin. It take a while though so you can’t be in a hurry. I really don’t gave very deep wrinkles so the product works for me. I use it around my eyes and on my forehead the most. I think the size of the bottle is small for daily usage. Overall I really like it.

  44. Lovely Chiu

    I have been using the Instant Line Smoother. I didn’t know for sure if i could tell a difference, sometimes those things are hard, but i had others notice. I have been trying different areas to put it on just to get different results. So far i like the product and plan to continue to use. When you first apply you have to be sure and let it dry, and wait to put on foundation, but it can easily be done during the morning routine.

  45. Elle

    This Genie Beauty Instant Smoother is great for your skin. I am in my 40s and starting to see fine lines. But, after using this cream for a few weeks I see a lot of difference in my skin. Fine lines seem to have disappeared. Every time I use it, I see an instant differnce. Highly recommend!

  46. Diva Q

    Not sure if it really took my wrinkles away, but it did smooth them out. It felt a little tight on my skin. It had a smoothing effect to it. I have to say I did have to look close to see any kind of difference. I’m going to keep using it.

  47. Kim Chan

    I used this product a few days ago. I really couldn’t tell the difference in my fine lines and wrinkles. It didn’t seem to work on me. Maybe I was doing something wrong. I don’t think I will buy this product again.

  48. Gloria Swinson

    “I really, really wanted to like this and to see a difference in my eye area. I tried this for about 8 days under my makeup, mixed in my makeup with varying amounts, but I just couldn’t see that it helped. I’m in my early 50’s and have slight lines around my eyes and some crepey skin on my lids, that I had hoped this would smooth out. I followed the directions. I put on primer, didn’t put on primer, used more, used less, but could never see that it made a difference.
    It was easy to apply and according to the directions, you didn’t rub in, but let dry on it’s own, with no facial movement while it dried. It did feel tight as it was drying, which I didn’t like that feeling, but it passed. I use a combination of liquid makeup under my eyes and a cream foundation. I tried to put on the Instant line smoother before applying, and also mixed in, as directions said. I held my face completely still while drying, even at times using a blow dryer to see if that made a difference. It seemed that I had other wrinkles in different places. It kind of made my skin ripple when I changed facial expressions, especially around my eyes.
    I even looked up the product online to see if there was some reason I wasn’t having success, but I was following the directions that were given online also. Maybe I needed to have more wrinkles than I do, to see a significant difference. I stopped using it after those 8 days, as I wasn’t happy with the product.
    I wouldn’t recommend this product unless it was to tell someone older than me with lots of wrinkles to try it to see if it helped them.”

  49. Megan Reynolds

    I have used the GENIE Beauty Instant Line Smoother several times now and it didn’t work for me. I followed the provided instructions hoping I could smooth out the fine lines between my eyebrows, but I did not see the expected results.

  50. Betty

    I tried the Genie Beauty – Instant Line Smoother and I was not impressed. I didn’t notice any changes. I still have noticeable lines where I applied it. After using for the past three weeks,I expected to see some change, but I haven’t seen any. A little disappointing.

  51. BelindaW

    This serum is fantastic. I use the smallest amount, usually at night making sure to work gently around my eyes. The fine lines that have slowly made their way onto my face have diminished greatly in just about a month. They aren’t completely gone as it would take nothing short of a miracle to completely reverse all signs of aging. I have dry skin and this serum along with a light moisturizer in the morning have really helped my skin flourish. At first glance, I wasn’t expecting too much. I have used a lot of serums all promising the same things. This powerful product has been wonderful to discover. I recommend to anyone with sensitize and or aging skin. It’s silky and lightweight which I really like and I can use it everyday without a hint of greasiness.

  52. kellyp

    I received the GENIE Beauty – Instant Line Smoother and it was exactly what I needed and wanted in a line smoother for my face. I love it and I will definitely continue to use it as part of my beauty routine. The product is fragrance free and easy to apply. It really worked fast to make my face look tighter and firmer and lasts all day, which is a definite plus for a 64 year old woman. I love the results and how it makes my skin feel so much softer and supple. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to firm and tighten up their face and I will continue to use this great product!!

  53. KC1988

    “The first time I used Genie Instant Line Smoother, I was not expecting very much.
    I was surprised that pretty much right before my eyes, my face showed less wrinkles.
    The lines by my eyes were smoother looking and also the ones around my mouth.
    I am very happy with the overall appearance of my face using this product.”

  54. prettyserious12

    The GENIE instant line smoother does exactly what it says. Follow the instructions as they say and watch the lines disappear. I did have to do 3 pumps instead of 2 but i did start with 2 and what an amazing difference. Ladies this is a must have . ill be needing more soon.

  55. chrissy2807

    I love the instant line smoother because it gets rid of those fine lines that you don’t want others to see up close. It pumps out fine and a little bit goes long way. It blends into skin leaving no residue. My skin is lot smoother, and tighter after applying it to the areas where I have wrinkles. It works quickly and has light fragrance. I like that it’s non greasy when applying to skin. I enjoy that it dries in less than three minutes and I can apply my daily makeup without a problem. I love that a pump from this product I can have smoother former face without going under the knife. This is a great product.

  56. Pamela Vouy

    “I tried this product over several days
    It took several tried to get the product to skin ratio correct. Unfortunately I did not see drastic results.
    I notices a tiny bit of wrinkle coverage that did not last very long.
    I appreciate the opportunity to try this product”

  57. MonaLIsa Y

    This is a nice product. I see some difference and I will continue to use it because it does make my wrinkles fade somewhat. It goes on smoothly and doesn’t have a bad smell to it. It is a pretty good product.

  58. Tina Molina

    I really hate doing bad reviews but I recently bought Genie Beauty-Instant Line Smoother. It feels nice on the skin, but it doesn’t work. I used it for over a week to make sure I wasn’t being impatient. I had no smoothing of my fine lines, no minimizing of them, nothing. Not much left to say other than, not a good product. I cannot recommend this.

  59. superflynn1992

    As an ex-smoker, I have a lot of lines around my mouth. I have been looking for a line smoother to help with this. This Instant Line Smoother by Genie Beauty is a nice light gel that is not sticky or greasy. It is a combination of antioxidants with A,C and E vitamins to help smooth your skin and reduce lines. Apply after cleaning your face and applying moisturizer. You can wear alone or under makeup. The lines look better after using it. Apply a pea-sized amount over your entire face and let it dry. I am really happy with the results and plan to continue using it.

  60. lve0221

    I’m glad I ran across this product it did great job on hiding the fine lines on my face I used less makeup since using the genie line smoother there was smelly odor my skin felt softer I break out with some products I was pleased with this I will be looking for to future with this l I need smoother

  61. Sheila Austin

    “I received the GENIE Beauty – Instant Line Smoother from Try it Sampling and it was exactly what I was looking for! I love it so much and I will definitely continue to use it in my regular beauty routine. I love the results. It is a clear delicately scented product that is easy to apply, as the last step in the regular beauty regimen and results are almost instant and last all day long. I felt my facial skin tighten within seconds. It really worked fast to plump up my skin and it looked lifted and firmer. I never even broke out from the product. My skin feels so soft and supple. I would like to recommend it to anyone who wants to see a fresh firm and beautiful face.
    I love my results and I will definitely continue to use it. Thank you for the wonderful product!!”

  62. RosieSassy

    I am just beginning to have fine lines and wrinkles ,so I am happy that Genie instant line smoother really works for me. I will say that I get a better results when I apply a little bit of moisturizer on my face before applying the Genie since I have dry skin . I can actually see the difference on my face and neck as it appears smoother in just a few minutes .

  63. kBeauty21

    I love this product i started using this in the morning and now i use it morning and night. I have noticed my fine lines are starting to disappear, my skin feels smother, this is not a gritty product it gose on smooth and feels so sft to the tough of my skin. iam 49 years old but my skin looks 20

  64. Linda Gutierrez

    I’ve received my product, thank you. Unfortunately, I am not able to rate it as I am not comfortable using it now that I can see the ingredients list. My skin reacts to retinol (my face will swell up where it is used) and since this product has retinyl palmitate in it, I don’t want to risk trying it. I am sorry.

  65. Cynthiathomas21

    I am not one of the lucky ones that this work on. However it does wonderful things for my neighbor so I had to try it. Unfortunately for me it didn’t seem to do much at all I don’t know if that has to do with skin type or kind of lines in face. I tried exactly the package instructions I also tried using more and using less not for me. I’m glad that I tried it I just look forward to finding the right one that works for me. Definitely worth the try.

  66. Jennifer Colton

    I used the Genie Beauty Instant Line Smoother and I really liked it. It was easy to apply and I saw a somewhat noticeable change in the smoothing of lines.I felt a small,tightening sensation on my face,but it wasn’t unpleasant.

  67. Beverly Thomes

    After using this product for a few days, I feel like I haven’t seen any noticeable difference. It makes my skin feel tighter, but it doesn’t necessarily smooth out the fine lines around my eyes that I can see. I’ve tried adding more as the directions suggest, but I still can’t see any difference. Not worth the price tag.

  68. Penny Edwards

    Instant Line Smoother haven’t really noticed a difference I do feel my skin feeling a little tighter after a few seconds of applying it. I put too much the first time using it and it left a white residue.
    Genie instant line smoother is a hit in my book. I decided to try Genie instant line smoother one night before going out, I have some eye puffiness and a few crow lines. I didnt expect much but boy was I surprised, the puffiness and lines disappeared. I thought it would last for minutes but I actually had to wash it off. My friends kept looking at me but none of them could figure out what I had done ( they loved it) this will become a permanent part of my make up kit.

  69. skinsoyoung89

    Instant Line Smoother haven’t really noticed a difference I do feel my skin feeling a little tighter after a few seconds of applying it. I put too much the first time using it and it left a white residue.

  70. Melody Park

    I tried this instant line smoother from Genie and it is different. I put it on a clean face, two pumps was a lil much but then again we are all different, made my face feel a bit tight, waited a few minutes to dry, put makeup on and my hubby actually said to me that I looked different. Worked pretty good then if he could notice a difference. So I guess this one gets a thumbs up!

  71. MichelleT

    I love this product. It feels good on my skin and with it being clear, nobody knows I have it on. It does a great job of filling in my fine lines and making my skin look so much smoother and even younger. I have gotten so many compliments. My friens thought I had some type of face lift done. So if you are having problems with fine lines and crows feet, I highly recommend giving this product a try. You will be pleasantly surprised at how smooth and young your skin will look and feel.

  72. Levi Palmer

    well i can start by saying i love this product i was skeptical at first then when i applied around my eyes i was amazed like the lines dissappeared then i tried on my husband and same thing i will contiue to use this product i simply love it thanks for letting me try this

  73. Naomi Miller

    This product says what it means. Use the “2 pump” rule at first then acclimate as you see fit. Do not rub in or you will get the white flakes as mentioned in other reviews. It does leave your skin a little tight feeling but not to the point of feeling like your face is cracking. My husband even uses it, which says A LOT about this product.

  74. Nicegirl11

    I like the Genie Instant Line Smoother because not only does it work, it lasts for more than an hour. I’ve tried other instant line smoother and they never lasted like the Genie Instant Line Smoother. It’s easy to apply and works quickly. I highly recommend this product!

  75. celienne56

    Using this now for awhile has made a difference. Helping me look younger. You can feel it tighten up. Takes some time to get the right amount, but once you figure that out it’s easy. I’m excited to continue using it.

  76. julieannmoore

    “I followed the directions exactly and found absolutely no visible differences in my fine lines and wrinkles.
    I tried it on 2 separate occasions and neither of the two showed any improvement.
    I would not recommend this product.”

  77. Eva Dobrezanska

    This product is the most effective of all the products that claim to tighten the skin, specifically under the eyes. A little goes a long way. This helps to flatten puffy eyes, and smooth forehead. It lasts through the day and I sometimes reapply later if I look tired. This product is the most effective of all the products that claim to tighten the skin, specifically under the eyes.

  78. Misty Robertson

    Instant Line Smoother by Genie is an incredible innovation in cosmetics. It immediately erased the fine lines and bags under my eyes just like magic. The ingredients are healthy for my skin as well. A very little amount covers both eyes. The product comes with very detailed and easy to follow directions. And it works!

  79. Debbie001

    “I used this product on the fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes and mouth. It really made them disappear or less noticable. Definitely could feel my skin getting tighter. Love that I can use it under my makeup for a fresh look.
    My daughter with sensitive skin said it was slightly irritating but not uncomfortable.”

  80. Ronda Labati

    The Genie Beauty Instant Line Smoother is a very nice product. It is very easy to use and feels very soft on my skin. It seems wet when you put it on but quickly dries for a nice soft texture on my face. It goes over my sunscreen nicely and my make up applies very easily on top of the line smoother. The product gives my skin a very even look, reducing the lines I have. I would highly recommend this product.

  81. Faith Johnson

    This really does was it says. It takes a while to perfect the application of it but once you get the hang of it you will love it. You can use this all over your face (including eyelids – so it gets rid of crepes!). You can also wear it under foundation but just be careful when you apply that bit of your make up. If you happen to end up with white residue simply use a bit of moisturiser on a brush or cotton bud and it blends away.

  82. Mickey Ferin

    The Genie Instant Line Smoother is a good product.I noticed a difference after one application, Made my face smooth and took away the puffyness under my eyes. This is a good product for people who are looking to give there face a better look with out the cost and surgery of a face life

  83. Linda Wardell

    Tried this product by Genie at a friends house, was so impressed by it!!! I was so excited, made me look 10 yrs. younger. I’m definitely buying this!!!

  84. N Weinberg (verified owner)

    The application lasts a shortened amount of time than when I first started using it about 5 years ago.
    Any suggestions?

  85. driverman692002 (verified owner)

    Been using this for more years than I care to remember. It’s fantastic for hiding and smoothing the eye bags lol. I’m over the moon for finding this item. I’ve tried others but nothing else comes close. Thanks Lisa and Genie 🙂

  86. barbara miller

    I have used Instant Line Smoother for at least 20 yrs. & would never want to not have it. I am 77 yrs old & look so much younger when using this product. It definitely works for me!

  87. Sheri Hall (verified owner)

    I love this product, have been using it for years!

  88. pauline stiltner (verified owner)

    I use this product everyday and I have for years. Very satisfied with this product.

  89. pauline stiltner (verified owner)

    I have used this product for years, and am very satisfied with the results.

  90. Sandra

    Genie Instant Line Smoother has been my go-to product for years! This is the only line smoother serum that works for me. I use under and around my eyes for best results. Fine lines and puffiness are gone instantly. It takes just a few minutes to apply and even less to start working. I really can’t be without this product.

  91. Lori K

    This is my daily go-to so I don’t look my age. With the firmness I feel when the Instant Line Smoother dries, I’m ready to take on the day, feeling good about myself because I look the best I can.

  92. Diana Canto (verified owner)

    I wish they made this instant line Smoother by the gallons! Every single time I apply my instant line smoother anti-aging serum I get compliments. I even had a friend ask me if I had other treatments done. I bought this for my high school reunion and now I find myself wanting to wear it daily because I look so good. It’s amazing how it fills in those fine line and crinkles.

  93. Betty Smimnson

    The holy grail of line smoothers. I have been using Instant Line Smoother for years and feel naked with out it. It goes on very light and does smooth the fine lines away.

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